Safety Features

At Vignesh Powers, we provide the highest level of safety when customers use our generators. Our safety processes start even before the generator has arrived at the site for installation. In addition to the presence of safety features assurance systems as below, we also provide fire extinguishers to ensure that in the most unlikely event of a fire ensuing, it is put down within minutes.
We are proud to let our customers know that not even once our generators were the cause of any critical accident. We solemnly pledge to give our customers the highest level of safety under any circumstance.Find the most competitive prices for mini generators in Coimbatore and power up your home or business.Compare prices and features of various mini generators with a comprehensive price list to help you find the best option for your needs and budget.

Panel Boards with Digital Meters & MCB

  • Over Load Tripping
  • Low Level Oil Tripping
  • High Water Tempreature Trip
  • No Belt Trip
  • Unbalanced Load Trip
  • Auto Frequency Adjustment
  • Fire Extinguisher

Our facilities and features

Comprehensive Range

You name the generator you want and you will see it in our stock. From small to mega-generators across all brand names,you are guaranteed nothing but the best.

Competent Service

Every generator is maintained at its best at all times. It is like new and what is more, you can also hire our services also include cabling, qualified technicians and more.

Repairing & Servicing

We are the trusted name in the business of power generation and our range of services includes repairing and maintenance of all brands and specifications of generators.