Safety Features

Rental Diesel Generators safety features: We at Vignesh Powers provide rental diesel generators with top class safety measurements. We start our safety procedures before arrival and installation of generators, like checking electricity lines, circuits intake capacity etc. In addition we provide and follow a lot more safety like fire extinguisher overload tripping etc to avoid unlikely events like fire or over voltage.

 We are proud to let our customers know that our generators never broke down or met with any kind of serious and critical incidents in the past two decades. We at Vignesh powers took an oath to provide maximum level of safety to customers at unlikely events and circumstances .We provide mini generators at most affordable and competitive price for home and business purposes in and around Tirupur and Coimbatore which customers can compare with multiple brands and other providers for pricing and brands. You will find the best option at Vignesh powers to fulfill all your needs and demands.

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  • Over Load Tripping
  • Low Level Oil Tripping
  • High Water Tempreature Trip
  • No Belt Trip
  • Unbalanced Load Trip
  • Auto Frequency Adjustment
  • Fire Extinguisher

Our facilities and features

Comprehensive Range

World class generators with comprehensive range and a brand and we will deliver from mini generators to mega generators as per customers need

Competent Service

We maintain and service our generators with experienced technicians and authentic spares. We also provide hire services including cables and all other spares with qualified technicians.

Repairing & Servicing

Vignesh powers is one of the most trusted name in rental diesel generator field and we also provide maintenance and servicing of multiple brands of diesel generators.