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MAINTANENCE: Maintenance is a key consideration for any generator. Manufacturers recommend following a specified maintenance schedule to keep your generator running at its peak. Usually, this happens after a certain amount of service hours. You should perform maintenance any time that you notice your generator isn’t operating as efficiently as it should.

While maintenance requirements are low for diesel generators, some tasks will need to operation periodically. These include:

  • A general inspection of all components.
  • Draining and changing the coolant, oil, and fuel.
  • Cleaning or replacing filters.
  • Testing the generator battery.
  • Running the engine to test operation.
  • Regular maintenance will help maximize the investment that you’ve made in your diesel generator. Keep up with your maintenance tasks and attend to any repairs promptly, your generator will work for years to come. We recommend setting up a preventative maintenance plan in advance. This ensures that your generator operates at maximum efficiency. Be sure to keep a log of these inspections so that you can refer to it if necessary.


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Diesel engines are more fuel efficient that petrol engines. This means longer running time when running at the same capacity. Some diesel engines consume up to half as much fuel as compatible petrol engines.Diesel fuel is cheaper than petrol meaning they are cheaper to run.Diesel powered engines require less maintenance. This is in part due to diesel engines not having spark plugs or carburetors.

This means no need to replace spark plugs or rebuild carburetors.In terms of life span, a diesel engine is much longer lasting. When compared to a typical petrol engine, a diesel engine can last up to 3 times longer.Diesel fuel is safer with less risk of ignition when compared to petrol.

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Nevertheless, diesel generators have a series of drawbacks, especially for the environment. Being one of the cheapest sources of energy available presently, other setbacks are starting to weigh in. In order to meet the European Union’s climate neutrality goals by 2050, the energy market is essentially bound to shift to renewable power solutions.

Diesel generators also contribute to noise pollution and compared to some energy source, may have a high upfront cost and servicing and maintenance works may be expensive. The major ongoing service requirement for a diesel engine is regular oil changes. Well-maintained diesel generators can last for a long time, but poorly maintained generators are prone to failures.

  • The price of diesel will continue to rise due to regulations.
  • Needs regular maintenance to keep the generators running.
  • Fuel injection system and other parts are more likely to break down, resulting in lack of reliability and high costs for spare parts. Diesel engines are made from big and heavy components that can make repairs expensive.
  • Although cheaper in price, the cost of installation may take more time and be more costly.
  • Noise pollution. Diesel units can be very noisy, so they’re often placed away from work areas
  • Diesel generators are far too heavy and bulky to be considered mobile and compact.
  • They must be kept dry, otherwise they corrode easily.
  • It is necessary to winterize the generator if using it in a cold climate.
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Reliability: Diesel power plants are renowned for being dependable. They are the perfect option for organisations that need an uninterrupted  power supply because they can run constantly for extended periods of time   without experiencing any serious disruptions.

FuelEfficiency:Diesel generators use less fuel than other generator types  because they are fuelefficient.Lower operating costs for enterprises result   from this.

Easy Maintenance: Dieselgenerators are simple to maintain, which makes   them an economical choice for businesses.

Availability: Diesel is widely accessible in Tirupur, so businesses may quickly get the fuel they need to run their generators.