• Our hire generators are all from the best-in-class and meet multiple service quality factors.
  • Keep the lights on during power outages by renting a generator from a local rental service near you.
  • Rent a reliable diesel generator today from a nearby rental service to ensure uninterrupted power supply.
  • Superior-load factor – this ensures that all your lighting system works at its optimum best with a steady voltage.
  • Optimum-power factor – this ensures a steady voltage as per machine requirement. This ensures the best life for machinery.
  • Fine-tuned induction factor – best when you motor starts with a load. This reduces the strain on the motor and resultantly other machines in the circuit are not affected.
  • Top-thyristor factor – ensures that all heating elements are protected and life is extended even the load goes up or down during machine operations.


Ours is a one-stop solution for generator hiring. It will save you the trouble from finding separate vendors for cabling and power consoles. Safety is a high-priority focus for us – we follow streamlined procedure and that meet all statutory requirements.From daily to monthly rentals, these companies provide some of the best genset options to meet your power needs, no matter the duration of your project or event.The cost of renting a generator depends on factors such as the size and capacity of the generator, rental duration, and additional services offered by the rental company.If you’re in need of a small generator for a short-term project or event, these generator rental companies located near you can provide a range of options to meet your power needs.


Open Generators

Closed Generators


Skid Mounted Gensets

Our skid mounted generators strike the perfect balance between power and portability. Here you’ll find models with handy multi-socket outputs, low noise emissions, and a useful hardwire facility. They’re the go-to choice for powering more intensive on-site machinery and equipment, as well as more sensitive equipment like computers and similar hardware.

We can use school, bank, power plant, government, factory, mines, etc.Don't let power outages disrupt your work or home life - rent a power generator today from a rental service conveniently located near you.

Trolley Mounted Gensets

Our Trolley Mounted DG Sets ensures long lasting backup for hours and can be used for domestic, industrial as well as agricultural purpose. These DG Sets are handy and can take heavy loads and reduce fuel consumption. Our Two Wheeler Trolley for Gensets sets have low recovery time and can work for 8000 hours at a stretch.

We can use in Ideal for Weddings, Functions, Roadshow Events, Temporary Camps,factories, theaters, hospitals, public buildings, poultries, hatcheries, hotels, cold storages, milk chilling plants, workshops, IT Parks etc.Stay prepared for emergencies and outdoor events with a conveniently-located rental service that offers portable generators for rent.

Truck Mounted Gensets

The benefits of a truck-mounted generator include the ability to move from location to location, and drive to refueling locations. When the generator is not in use, your truck is still useful. Maintenance can be easier than with a standalone generator as well, both because the generator is mobile and because it can be serviced by your truck’s mechanic in many cases.

We can use in Industries, commercial complexes, malls and institutes.Looking for a mini generator in Tirupur? Find the best deals and prices from local suppliers and retailers.