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Ours is a one-stop solution for generator hiring. It will save you the trouble from finding separate vendors for cabling and power consoles. Safety is a high-priority focus for us – we follow streamlined procedure and that meet all statutory requirements.

Closed Generators

Open Generators

  • Our hire generators are all from the best-in-class and meet multiple service quality factors.
  • Superior-load factor – this ensures that all your lighting system works at its optimum best with a steady voltage.
  • Optimum-power factor – this ensures a steady voltage as per machine requirement. This ensures the best life for machinery.
  • Fine-tuned induction factor – best when you motor starts with a load. This reduces the strain on the motor and resultantly other machines in the circuit are not affected.
  • Top-thyristor factor – ensures that all heating elements are protected and life is extended even the load goes up or down during machine operations.