• Vignesh powers provide world class rental diesel generators with best in class range, service and maintenance.
  • Never worry about power failures by renting diesel generators from our service .
  • Rent a diesel generator from our concern and enjoy uninterrupted power for all your needs.
  • Superior-load factor – our rental diesel generator ensures that you get optimal power for all your machines and appliances.
  • Optimum-power factor – our generators provide optimum power which ensures steady voltage and break free machines.
  • Fine-tuned induction factor – we provide fine tuned induction in our generators wich ensures smooth start and running for motors.
  • Top- thyristor factor – top thyristor prevents machines from getting high voltage or low voltage and overheating problems.
The diesel generator rental industry in Tirupur and coimbatore


Vignesh powers are the one stop solution for all your rental diesel generator needs. We also provide cabling and power console services which will save your time and energy for finding separate providers for each service. Safety is our high-priority. We follow flawless procedures that meet all statutory requirements. We provide the best generator brands in the market for daily rentals to monthly rentals to meet your power needs (24×7).Rent of a diesel generator depends on size and capacity that customers require and the duration of  the service we provide and if the customer needs any additional service the  cost of  rental generator may differ. If  a customer is in need of a mini generator for a small project or event we are happy to provide it at any place any time at the best and affordable price. 

Open Generators

Closed Generators


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Skid Mounted Gensets

We provide a wide range and models of rental diesel generators in which our skid mounted generators are one of the best with perfect balance between power and portability. Skid mounted generators have multiple models like handy multi socket outputs, low noise emissions and best hardwire facility. These generators are the best to choose for high load on-site machinery and other electrical equipment and it can be used for home appliances like TV, computers and similar products.

Rent a diesel generator from Vignesh powers to power up your work place like schools, banks, power plant, government offices, factories, mines, etc. Our generators won’t let you face any power outages that disrupt your work or home events.

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Trolley Mounted Gensets

We also provide trolley mounted diesel generators. These types of generators are mostly used for domestic, industrial as well as agricultural purpose which provides hours of backup power. Our trolley mounted generators are silent yet more powerful which can take heavy loads at minimum fuel consumption. Our Two Wheel Trolley diesel generators can work for 8000 hours in a stretch with low recovery time.

Trolley mounted diesel generators are Ideal for Weddings, Functions, Road shows, Temporary Camps, factories, theaters, hospitals, public buildings, poultries, hatcheries, hotels, cold storages, milk chilling plants, workshops, IT Parks etc. with Vignesh powers at your service you need not to worry for indoor or outdoor events. We provide swift service in case of emergencies or unplanned events.

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Truck Mounted Gensets

Truck-mounted generators are more useful in case of emergencies or at a tricky place where you can’t use skid mounted or trolley mounted generators. These types of generators have the ability to move from location to location, and you can drive to your refueling destination in case of low fuel. Truck mounted generators are easy to maintain in case of any repair it can be serviced or replaced at a jiffy.

Truck-mounted generators are mostly used in Industries, commercial complexes, malls institutes etc. Looking for a mini Generator in Tirupur and Coimbatore VIGNESH POWERS is the right choice.