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Vignesh Powers is a name that businesses big and small trust for all Generator Hiring needs. We provide top-performance fuel-efficient Generators as small as 0.5 KVA to multiples of 750 KVA at most-economical charges. Our services go beyond just providing generator rental. We mastered the art of power generation to provide top-class generator servicing and repairing services quickly and efficiently to our customers.If you’re in need of a generator for an event or project in Tiruppur, these generator rental services can provide you with a range of options to suit your specific needs.

Providing Generator Rental

01.Safety Features

At Vignesh Powers, we provide the highest level of safety when customers use our generators.If you’re looking for a diesel generator rental in Tirupur, check out these top companies that offer reliable and high-quality generators for your needs



02. Testing Service

Testing generators before commissioning is a critical function in installing and running generators.



Safety is a high-priority focus for us–we follow streamlined procedures that meet all statutory requirements.


04. Repairing & Servicing

We are the trusted name in the business of power generation range of services






Skid Mounted Gensets

Our skid mounted generators strike the perfect balance between power and portability. Discover affordable and reliable mini generators in India with a range of prices to fit your budget.

Trolley Mounted Gensets

Our Trolley Mounted DG Sets ensures long lasting backup for hours and can be used for domestic, industrial as well as agricultural purpose. Looking for a silent generator in India? Find the best prices and top-performing models from a range of trusted suppliers and brands.

Truck Mounted Gensets

The benefits of a truck-mounted generator include the ability to move from location to location, and drive to refueling locations. Find the most competitive prices and reliable models for silent diesel generator sets, offering efficient and quiet operation for your power needs.