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About Us

The short and long story about us is that we are the most trusted name in Generator Rental service for Two Decades. What sets us apart from the crowd is our commitment to providing our customers top-performance hire generators from renowned National and International brands at prices that is simply the most competitive in the marketplace.

We value customer satisfaction seriously and for this reason, expect everything from us to be world class. Our customers trust us because every generator we provide is guaranteed to perform superbly and consume the least fuel. This means, more bang for your money and quality electricity that meets your requirement.

Our Mission

The guiding force behind our generator-rental service is to meet all quality electricity requirements of our customers at their doorsteps instantly. For us, meeting customer requirement is but one of our mission highlight – more importantly, we strive to provide power generation solutions that is the most efficient yet so affordable.

Ours is a zero-tolerance generator-rental service. This means our generators are guaranteed never to break down even in the most demanding situation.

Comprehensive Range

You name the generator you want and you will see it in our stock. From small to mega-generators across all brand names, you are guaranteed nothing but the best.

Competent Service

Every generator is maintained at its best at all times. It is like new and what is more, you can also hire our services also include cabling, qualified technicians and more.

Repairing & Servicing

We are the trusted name in the business of power generation and our range of services includes repairing and maintenance of all brands and specifications of generators.

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